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Family Counselling

"There is no perfect way to live a life. Life is change." Julia Samuel

This is where a family system helps me understand your family’s concerns. I have a family and I understand that at times, with a busy life and multiple responsibilities, your relationships begin to suffer and you may feel tired, hopeless, helpless, or emotionally dysregulated. I can help you with identifying barriers to a healthy relationship, stress management, parental coaching, and improving relationships with your loved ones. I meet you as a family and I may have individual sessions with each of you in order to learn about your views and concerns and to help you resolve conflicts and difficult situations.

I am very passionate about family therapy as I believe that healthy families are the backbone of the healthy society in which we would like to raise our children, as well as future generations. The network of relationships developed by family members is incredibly valuable, and it has the potential to become a great support system regardless of geographical separation.

I am pleased to provide a variety of techniques to support your family during loss/grief, high conflict relationships that affect children, and family dynamics. I am proud to be a member of the Canadian Association of Child and Play therapy. I have completed my training in play therapy and am working towards certification as a Canadian Play Therapist. I offer play therapy to children who have experienced the stress of witnessing domestic violence, loss/grief, abuse, learning disabilities, behavioural challenges, trauma, and any emotional dysregulation such as anger, anxiety, and depression. My clients with autism and ADHD greatly benefit from play-based interventions that boost their social and communication skills.

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